After eleven years of police service, ideas and concepts form in areas where we, as officers, feel unsafe and vulnerable. Many innovative products have been developed through this thinking process, and one such innovation is the Throw-Light.

The Throw-Light is the first deployable remotely controlled lighting source, for use with police, military, firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and commercial field operators alike.

The need for such a device became evident during a tactical training mission where a suspect was shooting down a hallway at the entry team. The hallway was long and dark and every time the team rounded the corner the suspect would shoot at the rail mounted light on the AR-15. There seemed no good way to identify where the suspect was without shining the light down the hallway, ultimately giving up our position. As a tactical operator, I started to think outside the box on how I could get the light down the hallway without the suspect really knowing where we were, but how does one do that?

The plan was to dismount my tactical light and throw it down the hallway in the direction of where the suspect was. I detached and launched my rail mount light down the hallway, which resulted in identifying the location of the suspect, all the while keeping our position secure. We now had the tactical lighting advantage. 

After the mission I decided to follow through on the concept of making a remotely operated deployable lighting source, one that more than the police could use. The Strike-Light is the most versatile lighting device on the market, made for us by us, and for those who serve and protect.

At Strike-Light we are committed to producing quality products that will help give you the situation advantage.

George Brinzey - Police Sergeant, tactical operator, and inventor of the Throw-Light


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